Jèan was born and raised in South Africa where he was exposed to the construction industry from a young age through the family business founded by his grandfather and run by his father and uncles. Working for a successful business business with a high-end kitchen and cabinet operation sowed the seed for desire within Jèan to understand the intricacies of the building process and the associated financial and programme management required for a successful project. 

After finishing school, Jèan went on to further his studies, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management from the Nelson Mendela University in Port Elizabeth. Working part-time for a ceiling and partioning business during his studies meant that Jèan was involved in the rebuilding of many large banks spread across the Eastern Cape, and gained essential experience in hands-on construction techniques. When the construction industry in South Africa began to slow down, Jèan set his sights on New Zealand, where he joined Refresh Renovations as a project manager.

Jèan has a natural affinity for managing construction projects and his open communication style makes him highly successful at managing both client and subcontractor expectations. His easy-going and approchable nature means he is a popular choice with clients to coordinate their projects.

Before he became fully immersed in construction, Jèan was a professional safari guide in South Africa. With wildlife and conservation having always played a major part of his life, Jèan spends as much time in the outdoors as he can. He is passionate about photography and has been freelancing for the past three years. When it's time to kick back and relax, you can find Jèan throwing a ball for his Jack Russel, Bullet! 

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