With fond childhood memories of building sites, plans, and paint, it’s no wonder Kayla loves working in the renovation industry. But beyond the hum of construction, she loves working with people and coordinating the finer details of complex projects. Expect to find her with a friendly smile, ready to help you achieve your renovation dreams.

Kayla spent the earlier years of her career in the education field, from which she gained strong management and organisational skills. Determined to maintain order across projects, she utilises her expertise to contribute to the ongoing success of Kim Reiche’s Refresh Renovations branch.

A master of administration, Kayla applies her skills to the renovation process, helping her team deliver successful renovations on time and within budget. Watching the details whilst keeping a close eye on the big picture, she is continually thinking ahead to identify any roadblocks and creating solutions to address any challenges that crop up.

“When you’re ready to begin renovating, I invite you to get in touch and discuss your ideas. My team and I would love to help bring your vision to life” - Kayla Wolfenden.

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