Marcus’s long-term interest and enthusiasm in the renovation industry has seen him extend and renovate his own private residence to an exceptionally high standard with a beautiful, aesthetic appeal. This has brought forth a keen interest and earnest dedication to assist others in the entire renovating/extending process with the least amount of stress, within a clear and concise budget, and the confidence of a quality build.

Enjoying a long-term career in the financial industry as a senior advisor, Marcus has assisted many clients in making optimal, life-changing financial decisions. An earlier background in the Real Estate sector has also kept Marcus’s interest, understanding and knowledge of the property market up to date leading to the operation of a successful renovation business with Refresh Renovations.

Marcus understands the commitment and stress renovating or extending a home can bring, and with this he brings an unsurpassed level of customer service through providing continuous communication with his clients through every stage of the build for peace of mind. Renovating and/or extending your home is quite literally making your ‘wish come true’, it can be a very exciting but also detailed process consisting of many steps; Refresh Renovations will endeavour to ensure that each stage takes place in the correct order and within time constraints.

Affiliated with renowned builders association HIA, Refresh Renovations clients can be assured their project will be in line with the latest legislation. The combied experience and proven capabilities of Marcus and his team, provide constructive advice, inspiration and on-trend ideas.

Marcus’s experienced team convey a friendly and professional manner; and their primary focus is quality and providing pleasing results for their clients under the well-respected, Refresh Renovations banner. Refresh Renovations welcome innovative changes in technology and are up-to-date with the latest building methods and materials, while enjoying the support of an experienced team of industry professionals and dedicated administrative staff.

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