Nita may be new to Refresh but she’s no stranger to renovations, having experienced the highs and lows of a home renovation herself. Now, Nita is combining years of experience in finance and project management, with her passion for making renovations both exciting and enjoyable, as a Renovation Consultant in beautiful Marlborough.

An in-depth knowledge of good business systems and processes provides Nita with a solid foundation upon which to collaborate with clients on renovation projects. Clear communication and a transparent approach to project management means Nita’s established client relationships are based on openness and honesty. This helps her mitigate any risk and ensures the renovation process is as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Nita enjoys working with others who place the same emphasis on quality, collaboration and having fun as she does. It is on these values that Nita has assembled her own network of talented contractors and preferred suppliers to bring her clients’ renovation projects to life.

Passionate about helping others create and stamp their style on freshly renovated space, Nita is committed to going above and beyond for her clients to ensure every renovation journey is both enjoyable and memorable.

Renovating in Marlborough? Get in touch with Nita today for a free consultation.

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