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Create a room that’s as fresh and clean as your washed clothes. Our expert tips will help you improve your laundry in five easy steps. Matt Taylor from Boston Wardrobes shares his advice on what to look out for when planning a laundry.

The key thing with laundries is that they should be an area that people put a lot of thought into. The positioning of power points and plumbing are important to a well functioning laundry space.

  1. When planning a laundry that will be inside a cupboard always consider how deep it will need to be to fit your appliances allowing extra depth for the taps and hoses behind your washing machine. I recommend an additional 75mm minimum in addition of the depth of the appliance.
  2. Know what type of doors you plan to put on the front of a laundry cupboard and make sure you have planned the laundry layout to work with the door system provided.
  3. Make sure you can get your appliances in and out of the space provided should they break down at any stage. We have had instances where the laundry was tightly packed into a cupboard space and once the doors were fitted you were unable to get any of the appliances out again without physically removing the doors first which can be both complex and expensive if you need to get a specialist in to do this.
  4. Don’t have your laundry and linen storage combined into one cupboard. As we often use warm or hot washes the laundry is often the area with the highest humidity in the house. Not good for storing bedding and towels at all!
  5. Do you really need a tub? It is amazing how tubs still feature in laundries for no other reason than that the owner has always had a tub. Modern washing machines do just about everything. If you have a family who plays sports, of course, a tub makes sense but if you’re a couple moving into an apartment to escape the family, are you likely to need a tub at all? As space for laundries is often at a premium maybe you should consider a bench area instead for the clothes basket to sit on.


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