Kim Reiche - South Auckland & Eastern Bays Renovation Specialist
Project description
Renovation of 2 bathrooms and a separate toilet.
Jan 2020
Project duration
6 weeks (includes part 1: kitchen reno)
Actual cost
NZ$150,000 (includes part 1: kitchen reno)
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Triple R Construction and KLR Construction Ltd in Manukau and Eastern BaysFranklin is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

Refresh helped these Auckland homeowners improve the modernity and functionality of their bathrooms.

WORDS Mina Phillips

Homeowners Nikki and Chris loved everything about their home - except it looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 1970s. Put simply: “The bathrooms just didn’t work.” Refresh Renovations specialist Kim Reiche helped them to modernise and personalise their home interior - prioritising their kitchen and bathrooms. 

Bathroom renovations

Following the kitchen renovation, Kim’s team moved on to the home’s two bathrooms. Taking the couple’s ideas and priorities into account; Refresh produced a design, put together an experienced team and transformed the “old school” bathrooms into bright modern spaces. A simple colour palette paired with a couple of luxurious features has resulted in peaceful, relaxing new bathrooms.

“Kim was always available. We were able to share our ideas with confidence that what we wanted would be respected, as well as being provided with some solutions to problem areas that we had been unsure of what to do with”, tells Nikki. "We would definitely recommend you guys. It’s been an amazing process."

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