Mark Morrison - Wellington Renovation Specialist
Project description
Bathroom + hallway renovation
Dec 2019
Project duration
6 weeks
Actual cost
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Morrison Enterprises Ltd in Wellington is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

In both the bathroom and hallway, the homeowners opted for a classically elegant style

WORDS Mina Phillips

In this home renovation project in Wellington, renovation specialist Mark Morrison supported the homeowners through every stage of their interior update. The homeowners wanted to include a second toilet within their home’s design and, while they were at it, decided that they would create their dream bathroom fit-out and give their hallway a cosmetic upgrade. 

Bathroom and hallway renovation

In both the bathroom and hallway, the homeowners opted for a classically elegant style. A high level of attention to detail was key to achieving this effect. The project involved re-gibbing, installing trims, tiling, installing a wainscot and installing a new range of bathroom fixtures. Despite the limited bathroom space, the traditional-style vanity cabinet fits in perfectly with the freestanding clawfoot bathtub. The bathroom’s elegance is further enhanced through the homeowners’ choice of decor: particularly the mirror and artwork.

Final result

After six weeks of work, Mark is delighted with the result. 

“It’s great! The wainscots and dados look fantastic. The patterned tile flooring and walls and the general finish of the rooms are exceptional!”

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Mark Morrison is an independent franchisee of Refresh Renovations.