Lawrie Foster - Hamilton Renovation Specialist
Mandy Foster - Hamilton Renovation Specialist
Project description
A high spec bathroom/laundry update
Dec 2019
Project duration
2 months
Actual cost
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Refresh provided these Hamilton homeowners with an updated bathroom and laundry in just two months.

WORDS Mina Phillips

It had been a while since this Hamilton bathroom had received a makeover. The layout and colours were dated and the bathroomware needed replacing. The homeowners contacted Refresh Renovations and, shortly after, met with renovation specialists Mandy and Lawrie Foster - who listened to their ideas and put together a plan. 

Laundry and bathroom design

“Our brief was to update the clients’ 'tired' bathroom and laundry/bathroom area. They wanted a more functional and practical layout in both bathrooms and a separate shower and bath in the main room”, tells Mandy.

Mandy and Lawrie took note of their clients’ ideas and carried out a concept and feasibility study. From there, they were able to present the couple with concept designs and a cost estimate. The homeowners were able to view 3D visuals of what their new bathroom would look like - making the next step an easy one.

“Once the family had confirmed their hardware and tapware, a building contract was produced; including a quote”, explains Mandy.

Laundry and bathroom renovation

The detailed design required the skills of a builder, plumber, electrician, tiler, joiner, gib-stopper and painter - a large team for a busy family to manage. So instead, they allocated Mandy and Lawrie to manage the renovation for them, making it easy for the quality and specifications of their new design to be upheld every step of the way.

“This project had to be completed in two stages as the clients were living in the house while the renovation took place”, tells Mandy. “The fully tiled main bathroom was completed first, followed by the laundry/bathroom.”

In the main bathroom, floor-to-ceiling tiling was installed along with under-tile heating. A frameless glass shower now enhances the modernity and spaciousness of the room, while a corner back-to-wall freestanding bathtub makes it a dream bathroom to end the day in. 

In the laundry/bathroom a three-sided shower is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling tiling - increasing its elegance and long-term durability. Undertile heating is, again, included - to create additional comfort throughout the colder months of the year. A rimless toilet was also installed, as well as modern cabinetry for the new stacked washing machine and dryer.

The new bathroom and laundry

Within two months, Mandy and Lawrie were able to present the family with their new, high-spec bathrooms and combined laundry. The final result was an absolute success!

“Our team are very proud of this renovation”, concludes Mandy.

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