Kim Reiche - South Auckland & Eastern Bays Renovation Specialist
Project description
Garage to flat conversion
Nov 2020
Project duration
10 weeks
Actual cost
Firewall between the house and sleep-out
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Wanting to repurpose their garage as a self-contained flat, this homeowner contacted Refresh Renovations.

The idea for this renovation came about when the homeowner considered renting out a room in their home to get more value from the property. As they explored the idea further, they noticed it wasn’t only a chance to increase value but also an opportunity to enhance the property.

With a big plan in mind, they came to Refresh Renovations for expert assistance and soon got in touch with Kim Reiche, their local Renovation Specialist.

Creating the Concept

The homeowner initially established the project’s design with their own architect. With them, they discussed countless options for renovating before deciding it would be most beneficial to convert the garage into a one-bedroom self-contained flat.

The concept resulted in a design for a compact home. Filled with all the essential features, it would become a cosy place for someone to live and a possible future home for the owner who could rent out their three-bedroom house.

Evaluating Cost & Feasibility

Working with the established drawings, Kim and her renovation team evaluated the project feasibility. The overall design had planned to move the existing laundry from the garage to the main house to create more space and to keep the new flat entirely separated. It was a smart concept - and also feasible.

Altogether, the project would cost an exact total of $163,623 along with ten weeks of construction. Happy with these aspects, the homeowner went ahead with the innovative plans for renovation.

Compact & Contemporary

Construction began with moving the laundry into the main house. This move made it much easier for those in the main house to access the laundry and, more importantly, left the garage as a blank canvas for the new flat.

The design for the garage conversion featured an open-plan living and kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, and a double bedroom with a built-in wardrobe. It would be compact, but offer all the features needed for comfortable living.

Tucking the laundry behind sliding doors was a particularly excellent design decision which minimised disruption to the clean feel of the existing space. 

In establishing the contemporary atmosphere, the homeowner opted for a soft and cool-toned colour palette. This scheme carried elegantly throughout the building from the light grey wall paint down to the grey ash wood-textured vinyl flooring.

Finishing Touches

The final installation of high-quality fixtures lifted this converted flat into the 21st Century. From the kitchen’s statement black oven, matching cabinet handles and gas hob to the bathroom’s timber-framed mirror and quality Showerwell Home Products; it all combined for a truly modern experience.

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