Steve Roper - Hamilton, Waikato Renovation Consultant
Project description
Converting an attic into a yoga room, repairing a chimney, updating a walk-in wardrobe
Apr 2021
Project duration
18 months (approx.)
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
New skylights add natural light to the home’s interior
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Roper Investments Ltd in Waikato is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

Hamilton-based Renovation Specialist Steve Roper converted this attic into a yoga room, repaired a chimney and updated a walk-in wardrobe.

After working with Hamilton-based Refresh Renovations Specialist Steve Roper on multiple occasions, these homeowners asked him back again to support them in personalising their architectural property. There were multiple aspects to this project, and the homeowners wanted to use a reliable service that would make it easy for their project to run smoothly and to schedule. 

The family’s primary objective was to convert their loft into a yoga room. They also wanted to repair their two chimneys and update their walk-in wardrobe. Steve and his team met with them to discuss their ideas and draw up a plan. 

Creating a home yoga room

Originally, the unused upstairs attic had four large windows in a vaulted ceiling. To make it better suited to functioning as a yoga room, Steve’s team began renovating the attic space; starting with a skylight installation. In addition to removing the existing windows and replacing them with skylights, Steve’s team installed new iron sections to the roof, installed new skylights above the kitchen and dining areas and also repainted the roof. From there; a new track lighting system was installed in the attic, the wooden floor was replaced with a soft grey carpet and the room was repainted. The result is a cosy, reflective space where the homeowners can now comfortably practice yoga.  

Chimney repair

The main goal with the home’s two chimneys was to improve the concrete aesthetic. After carrying out some plastering work and installing louvred chimney coverings, the chimney’s exterior appearance was significantly improved. Steve’s team also carried out work on the chimney flashing.

Built-in wardrobe renovation

The homeowners also asked Steve to make some minor updates to their walk-in wardrobe. Steve’s team carried out painting and cosmetic work which allowed the homeowners to enjoy more space and an improved aesthetic. 

The final result

Following around 18 months of work, the home has now been rejuvenated. The upstairs attic is now a yoga sanctuary, the skylights bring much more light and warmth into the home, the fireplaces now offer much more character and the roof looks fresh and new. 

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