Bathroom Renovation Project

Creating a spacious modern bathroom and ensuite in Jilliby, NSW

Renovation specialist Stephen Cox was able to work with an unusually shaped room and create a modern bathroom for his client to be proud of.

  • Client: Leanne and Andrew Sylvester
  • Country: Australia
  • Location: Central Coast
  • Date: 10 October 2018

WORDS Persephone Nicholas

When Leanne and Andrew Sylvester contacted Stephen Cox of Refresh Renovations Central Coast about renovating their ensuite and main bathroom, the project sounded straightforward. The main challenge for Stephen was creating a new bathroom layout that would feel contemporary and spacious in spite of the room’s unusual shape.

‘It was an odd-shaped room with a few angles that you don’t often see in bathrooms,’ says Stephen. ‘So getting the layout right was really important. Changing the layout of a wet area usually means you need to rearrange and install new plumbing (for water and sewage) and rearrange electric connections too. It increases the cost of the new bathroom, but it’s often worth it if it improves the functionality of the space.’

Stephen used Refresh Renovations’ 3D graphics program to show Leanne and Andrew the potential of their bathroom space and with the new layout agreed, it quickly began to take shape.

Selecting the perfect tiles was a priority. Stephen sourced everything they needed for both rooms – large floor and wall tiles in neutral tones, plus mixed colour glass feature tiles for the bathroom niches - from Beaumont Tiles.

‘It’s always hard choosing tiles for niches,’ says Stephen. ‘You want them to add a bit of interest to the space, but at the same time you need to find something you’ll be happy to live with for a long time. We went with Beaumont Tiles’ Mosaic Silver Linear Mix – it’s a contemporary, but classic, combination with just the right amount of colour.’

With the tiles organised, Stephen and the Sylvesters turned their attention to the remaining fittings and fixtures. A white Amorini custom floating vanity was chosen to make the most of the space in the main bathroom, the single square basin complements it perfectly. A pair of mirrored shaving cabinets is recessed into the wall above to provide sleek eye-level storage.

A semi-frameless walk-in shower maintains the light and spacious feel of the room, while the new bath adds a touch of luxury. The couple decided on a contemporary freestanding white bath, the Hilton from Forme, with a waterfall spout. The finishing touch is Leanne’s favourite bath accessory - a small ledge that’s perfect for a glass of wine.

Looking back on the project, Andrew says Stephen added value from the outset.

‘It was good being able to take Stephen’s advice in the planning stages - we were able to leverage all his experience in building bathrooms.’

He says working with Refresh Renovations made renovating straightforward.

‘We’ve renovated ourselves and we didn’t want to manage trades again. This time the project manager was accountable for the quality of the job, which made things much easier.’

With the work all done, the Sylvesters are delighted.

‘We love it. The new design is very low maintenance. It’s so much easier to keep clean – even the kids can do it,’ says Andrew.

With happy clients and another successful project behind him, Stephen says the key to the success of the project was in the detail.

‘Leanne and Andrew were very clear on what they wanted to achieve with this job and we made sure we met the brief in every detail. Our processes and software mean clients know exactly what to expect when we commit to a project – they know what the finished result will look like, how long it will take and how much it will cost. It takes a lot of the potential stress out of renovating and means we can focus on doing the best possible job for them.’


TYPE OF HOME: Late 20th Century home on acreage

PROJECT OUTLINE: Renovate an ensuite and main bathroom

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Optimising the main bathroom layout to increase the feeling of spaciousness

TILE TIPS: Hayden Light Shine tiles in grey were used for the floors and feature walls, other walls are tiled in Trek Sandstone and the bathroom niches feature Mosaic Silver Linear Mix tiles – all from Beaumont Tiles.

STYLISH STORAGE: The mirrored shaving cabinets are set into the wall to maximise eye level storage.

CLEAN LINES: The Amorini vanities in both bathrooms are handle free and use touch to open/close technology.

SMART THINKING: Renovating the ensuite and bathroom at the same time was efficient and cost-effective.

DURATION 3 weeks  

BUDGET: $30,000


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