Lia Boersma - Wellington
Project description
Extension to create sunroom, new entrance, larger mancave plus deck
Jul 2019
Project duration
3 months
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After his home extension experience with Renovation Consultant Lia Boersma, Paraparaumu homeowner Mike describes himself as “a very happy model customer.”

WORDS Mina Phillips

Paraparaumu resident Mike had worked with Refresh Renovations Consultant Lia Boersma a number of times, so calling her to carry out his home extension project was a no-brainer. He wanted to create a reading/sunroom, as well as, create more space for his impressive model plane collection. Mike also wanted to enhance his home’s entryway.

“I happened to ask Lia if she had some spare capacity and if she would be interested in doing a small extension at my property”, says Mike. “As I knew the architect, the plans for the house were drawn up some time ago. So, some of the leg work was already done. Lia came up with her project manager and builder to inspect the site and then presented her quote which came within budget.

Carrying out the house renovation

Once the consent was granted, work started immediately. Within the first week, the demolition was complete and the flooring for the extension was complete. The builder always cleaned up at the end of each day.”

As with any project, there were challenges - particularly when it came to the weather. However, Mike says Lia’s team went out of their way to keep the project on track.

“The rain came and, to the builder’s credit, he came around well after he had finished work to check that there were no leaks. We only had a few minor issues which were quickly resolved just by talking to Lia’s team about what would be the best solution.”

Working with Refresh made it easy for Mike to make any changes as needed, particularly when it came to the deck.

One thing I never thought possible is that you can get excited about a house. Now I proudly show people around

A deck extension

“I looked at the deck and thought to myself I should have made it larger! as it was like a walkway around the front of the house. I was talking to the builder and told him that I was thinking about making the deck larger - I made my decision there and then. I’m pleased I did, as it made all the difference to the overall appearance.”

Mike felt that he could rely on Lia’s advice in any areas he wasn’t sure of; including interior colour schemes and how to make the most of his new deck. 

“I asked Lia what I should do on the deck: Lia suggested chairs and a table, which I had thought of, and also suggested planter boxes. During the build, I hadn’t given much thought about colour schemes, the look of the interior or furniture etc. Again, I talked to Lia and she came up with the paint scheme, carpet and suggested dark blinds - the end result I’m very pleased with. Lia even helped me out on the colour scheme for the kitchen which I was building at the same time.”

Final thoughts

From the service he received through to the final aesthetics, Mike is highly impressed with the Refresh Renovations process.

“From a personal point of view, overall the whole process went extremely well. I didn’t have to worry about anything. There were regular site meetings and the communication was very informative. There wasn’t any disruption and everything was kept clean and tidy. The finishing and the quality of the work was to a very high standard. 

The best thing for me is that the new extension doesn’t look like a new addition, it looks like it is part of the house. All of my friends and neighbours have commented about the extension; comments such as “it makes the house very modern”, “you are pushing up the value of everyone’s property on the street” and “very professionally constructed”. On the whole, everyone likes it. One thing I never thought possible is that you can get excited about a house. Now I proudly show people around.”


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