A loft renovation in Hastings

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Project brief

Inspired by a magazine image of a loft, the owners of this Hastings home contacted our renovation specialist to see if he could carry out a renovation on their home loft. Our customers were interested in having horizontal beams built into their A-framed ceiling, and for the original beams to be hidden from sight - creating a more open and airy feel. They were also interested in increasing their storage options and therefore inquired about a wardrobe renovation.

The Refresh process

After talking with his customers about the best ways to achieve their ideas, our renovation specialist provided them with an initial design, which also allowed him to provide them with estimates of the costs and time that would be involved in the project. The homeowners decided that their original brief was outside their budget. As a result, they asked our renovation specialist and team to focus on the loft renovation, opting to work on some wardrobe storage solutions themselves.

loft ceiling renovation in hawkes bay

Our renovation specialist arranged for local, trusted builders and electricians to carry out the work. Rustic looking beams were attached to the original supporting beams and a multi-bulb pendant light was installed. Plasterboard was then fixed around the original beams before being plastered and painted to create a smooth, bright finish.


Client feedback

“The clients said they loved it and were satisfied with the outcome. It was exactly to their briefing.” - Refresh Renovation specialist

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