Steve Roper - Hamilton, Waikato Renovation Consultant
Project description
Modernising and optimising the bathroom, living room, dining room and roof.
Jan 2021
Project duration
4 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Commercial-style flooring offers durability against pets
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Roper Investments Ltd in is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

Hamilton Renovation Specialist Steve Roper modernised and optimised this home’s bathroom, living room, dining room and roof. 

Renovating a ‘70s style house in Hamilton

When these homeowners decided that it was time to modernise their ‘70s-style house interior, they reached out to Refresh Renovations. They were then put in touch with their local Refresh Renovations franchise owner Steve Roper, who met with them in an initial renovation consultation.

The homeowners primarily wanted to modernise their kitchen, improve its functionality and enhance its storage. They also wanted to renovate their bathroom, living room and living room. For added comfort, they asked Steve to re-roof their home and install a modern ventilation system.  

Refresh’s design and build process made it easy to work on so many projects at once. For every aspect of the renovation; Steve took care of the design, planning, product sourcing, deliveries, scheduling in tradespeople and project managing the project through to the homeowners’ desired result.  

Kitchen design

Once a design and all-inclusive quote had been developed, Steve’s team began the kitchen renovation process. They completely replaced the original kitchen, installed new appliances and created more kitchen storage using new kitchen cabinets. The new kitchen is sleek, sophisticated and offers a balanced space where the clients can both cook and socialise. 

A modern bathroom design

After some demolition work had been carried out, Steve’s team began modernising the bathroom so that it would meet his clients’ specifications. His team waterproofed the bathroom and installed new bathware, Robertsons tapware and fittings. Neptune’s waterproof flooring was installed and, to finish off the space, the bathtub and shower surrounds were tiled with bathroom tiles from The Tile Depot.   

Updating the dining room

For the dining room, the homeowners simply wanted to install some durable flooring that could withstand their rambunctious pet dog. They opted for the same commercial-style Neptune flooring that was used in their bathroom.  

Smart ventilation and a feature wall

To complete the interior, Steve’s team installed a smart ventilation system and carried out some painting and decorating. A unique element to the final design is an aquarium-inspired feature wall, specifically chosen by the clients. 


Finally, Steve’s team also re-roofed the old home, ensuring it would endure the seasons for years to come. 

The renovated ‘70s style home

Now complete; the home offers much more functionality, modernity and personalisation. Steve says his clients are happy with the results. 

“It’s great! It’s certainly a step up from what it was. The clients’ expectations were exceeded too. The kitchen is my favourite!”

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