Chiraag Rambhai - Central Auckland Renovation Specialist
Project description
New ensuite and bathroom
Jan 2020
Project duration
5 weeks
Actual cost
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Recreate Construction Ltd in Auckland Central is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

The owners of this 1990s cedar and brick home contacted Refresh Renovations when the time came to update their ensuite and main bathroom.

WORDS Mina Phillips

Having just purchased this 1990s cedar and brick home, the owners contacted Refresh Renovations to discuss the possibility of renovating their main bathroom and ensuite before they moved in. They met with their local renovation specialist Corey Rambhai for a free initial consultation where they discussed their ideas and project specifications.

Bathroom renovation

Initially, the household’s main bathroom only included a shower. A design priority, they explained, was to reconfigure the bathroom so that both a bathtub and shower could be included within the layout. This would provide a more functional space for their growing family. To save space, it was also decided that a cavity slider would be installed. 

Once the design was established, Corey provided the family with a fixed-quote of $65,000. His client’s decision to later change the bath and tapware for other options brought the total to $68,000. He also provided them with a timeframe of five weeks. 

“The timeline was critical so that they didn't have to pay two mortgages for an extended period of time,'' explains Corey.

With the design approved, Corey managed his team of trades throughout the build and installation. The design update required the skills of a plumber, electrician, tiler as well as builders and painters. The update included fully tiling the bathroom and installing a back-to-wall bathtub in the main bathroom. 

The final result

At the end of the allocated five weeks, Corey presented the family with a modern and sophisticated bathroom and ensuite.

“It was a straight forward project”, tells Corey. “The finished result is clean, modern and functional.”

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