Tile Depot presents their new range of porcelain stoneware simply named, Sync

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Appearing to have been cut and honed from ancient stone quarries, the Sync range of porcelain stoneware has arrived. Exclusive to The Tile Depot, Sync is a remarkable large format porcelain in a contemporary 300x1200mm plank tile. Quite simply put, it is stunning.

Sync is available in three warm smoky hues: Coal, Grey and Steel. Each quite dramatic and powerful in their own right but able to be used in conjunction to great effect. With all the variation and expressive power of natural stone, Sync brings the strength and permanency of time and history in a completely modern material.

The increasingly in-demand plank format, while often associated with woodgrain porcelain tiles is incredibly compelling in a stone design and well suited to creative installation patterns which can add another level of texture and interest to a space. The juxtaposition between an ancient and natural element with ultra-modern design and manufacturing technology really gives this range soul and timeless appeal.

Italian glazed porcelain at its finest, Sync is incredibly elegant, hard wearing and suitable for all residential areas and light commercial spaces. It can be used on both floors and walls and being rectified, it can be laid with very small grout spacings to achieve a near seamless finish.

The Sync range is really something special, with all the natural character and expressive power of stone, with the edgy appearance derived from the plank format, Sync is seriously stylish and set to excite the world of interior and architectural design.


Exclusive to The Tile Depot, find out more about Tile Depot's products on our Supply Partners Page


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