We are pleased to announce our return to Christchurch, led by Refresh Renovations’ two latest franchisees: Rohit Raj and Alison Scarlet! 

Both Rohit and Alison join us with years of expertise in project management - but that’s not all. They also have unique backgrounds, which have inspired the change to come on board Refresh.

For Rohit, this comes as the last two decades he spent working with billion-dollar global companies in the techno-commercial sector. There, he dealt with end-to-end product development processes, where he also developed an eye for conceptualising ideas and the ability to successfully bring visions to life.

As for Alison, she steps forward with seven years of experience working in the building industry. During this time, she completed an exceptional renovation on her own home. But that’s not her only win. Back in 2016, she also won PlaceMakers Account Manager of the year. Both are massive achievements and a credit to her powerful management skills.

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