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We have put together a handy checklist to help you select the best renovation builder.

Are they renovation specialists?

Most builders focus on building new homes, and only do renovations as a sideline. The team at Refresh is different because we specialise in renovations - it’s all we do, and we love it.

Will you have one point of contact on the entire project?

Tradespeople, designers, engineers and regulators all speak different languages. A project manager is someone who can act as your ‘interpreter’ throughout your renovation. They will explain what’s involved, what you should expect, and the pros and cons of different decisions. Throughout your project, you’ll have the benefit of their renovation knowledge and experience – and it’s all included as part of the Refresh service!

Do they discuss your reason for renovating with you?

Are you renovating to resell or grow old comfortably? If the plan is to sell up in six months, spending an extra $20,000 on luxurious fittings might not be worth it.

Do they develop concept plans before providing a quote?

It can sometimes be hard for a homeowner to articulate what they’re looking for in a renovation. The Concept Plan is the most important stage of the home renovation process because it matches a homeowner’s dream with a budget they can afford. We prepare drawings once, twice, even three times based on what the homeowner wants, until they can visualise the final product and imagine themselves living in it.

Do they communicate to you a plan to establish a schedule?

Make sure your timeframe expectations align with your contractor’s to minimise confusion and disputes. A thorough plan before work starts should outline the expected timeframe alongside your vision and budget. Get an agreement on this before work begins.

Do they talk to you about insurances and warranties?

If you hire separate tradespeople to do different parts of the renovation puzzle, things get complex very quickly around insurance, warranties and accountability issues. Using a home renovation builder means the overall responsibility of a worksite goes back to the project manager, so the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Do they offer you a professional and binding quote?

Avoid surprise bills and blown-out budgets by clarifying an estimate versus a quote. Once we have working drawings done - Refresh doesn’t give you an estimate, Refresh gives you a quote. A quote gives the clients a high level of certainty which means they can go to the bank and get a loan for exactly the amount they need.

Do they talk you through the benefits of having a project manager?

The beauty of a renovation specialist is that they manage all the comings and goings of tradespeople to your property, including who needs to be doing what onsite, when. Some home renovations could involve upwards of 10 subcontractors, so having a dedicated project manager to look after them is very reassuring for the homeowner. It’s a bit like taking a pill to prevent a headache. Refresh is the pill. We make the renovation experience hassle-free, pain-free and headache-free – and we live by that.

Do you feel like you can trust this team?

Refresh Renovations specialists say reputation is key. “A homeowner needs to have peace of mind that the team they’re dealing with is professional, credible and a hundred percent trustworthy”. “More often than not people live in the middle of their renovations, so builders need to be mindful of that. It’s your home, after all, so you need to be sure the company you invite in will respect your family, your privacy, your daily movements and your home renovation needs.”

Do they have a Health & Safety system in place?

Building projects are dangerous and building industry has a poor reputation for being safe. There are numerous dangers to your family such as electrical, falling from heights and trips and slips. If your builder does not have a comprehensive health & safety plan in place you should be very wary, as liability can fall back on the homeowner, and penalties can be serious.

Will they keep the project within budget and on time?

Renovation projects are notorious for being a nightmare to undertake. Most projects spiral out of control, with not enough planning or consistency surrounding budgets or schedules. This is caused by poor initial planning, poor communications and the chaotic nature of project management. Refresh has a tried and trusted process to avoid these problems. The process begins with proper upfront planning and costing to assess the project feasibility and allows customers to make important decisions before committing to costly construction work. The project is managed by a dedicated construction manager, supported by innovative project management systems.

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